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We care about pets. 

As vets, we want pet parents to have access to information so that they can make the best decisions for their animal family, with veterinary support. We wanted to bring you an area where you can get easy access to relevant information on your pets. We hope you find it useful! 

Health Topics

Useful Apps

First Aid Advice. 


Vet Check App. This gives pet owners access to a vet at any time of day. 


Digitail. This is the app that helps you book online appointments for Mackay Mobile Vets. And to store pet health photos and reminders. 

Brachycephalic's or Squishy Faced Breeds

Squishy Faced Dogs and Cats are great family pets. Breeds included in this category include Boston Terriers, Pugs, French Bull Dogs and even Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. As humans we have bred them for looks rather than health. This has lead to anatomical problems relating to their ability to breathe and eat food. Pretty important!! If pet owners are not properly informed, their beloved family friend may suffer. An amazing resource is the Brachycephalic Australia Health Awareness Facebook group. They have great information on the condition Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome “BOAS”. It is known that most of the dogs and cats in this category have anatomical changes that impact their life. Dr Lucinda has a squishy faced feline family member and is sympathetic to these breeds. 

Your Pet's Dental Health

Over 40% of pets have dental disease. Having bad teeth has been proven to affect their organs like their kidneys and heart. So… it’s important. This YouTube video will give you more information on your pet and their teeth. 

But how do we know if our pets HAVE dental disease? Book your pet to have their teeth checked by the vet. As an owner, it is not your job to know if they have dental disease, it is actually a specialist area of veterinary medicine. 


Keeping your pets teeth healthy revolves around what they eat and chew on. Click on this link to see ALL products recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council


Age is not a reason to NOT do a dental procedure on your pet. With appropriate anaesthetic considerations and an experienced veterinary surgeon, the procedure can give your pet a whole new lease on life. 

Anaesthetic Free Dentals

A current trend has been for “anaesthetic free dentals” for pets. This is not a recommended service and is not in the best interest of your pet. 

The Australian Veterinary Association has released more information on this area. Please talk to one of our vets at your next appointment if you have any further questions. 

Stiff and Sore Pets

Arthritis affects many dogs and cats. They are better at hiding their discomfort than we are… If you have noticed that your pet is slowing down, please contact our team to arrange a full examination to ensure that they are not suffering in silence. 


This is an online quiz that can help you decide if your pet is experiencing pain from joint disease. 


Our management of arthritis is a “3-Pronged Attack“. 

Firstly, weight management. They should not be carrying any extra weight as this puts more strain on their sore joints. 

Secondly, ensuring that they continue to move to maintain their muscles. Hydrotherapy is a great resource and we have two companies doing an amazing service. i-DogZ in North Mackay, and LG Dog Hydrotherapy . 

Thirdly, supplementation with products of known benefit *this also includes pain relief medication. 


One product that we use is Cartrophen(C) which is administered as an injection under the skin. Another is 4cyte, which is given orally in their food. 


Ramps for pets who are too sore to jump can be made or purchased

Is My Pet Overweight?

A common question we are asked is “Is my pet overweight?”. 60% of pets are overweight. We are prone to overfeeding our dogs and cats because we love them. Being overweight can shorten your pet’s life, and even pre-disposes to certain diseases such as diabetes. 

This is a guide to dog body size

This is a guide to cat body size

If they are overweight, increasing exercise and lowering calorie consumption is the first place to start. 

Low calorie foods to feed include carrots, broccoli and frozen chicken stock cubes. 

Veterinary diets that can make your pet feel fuller for longer include Hill’s Satiety diet and Hill’s metabolic

If you are still struggling to get the weight off, contact us to get veterinary help. 


Pet Insurance

Insurance is available for when the unexpected happens to your furry family member. Like our private medical insurance, there are quite a few companies providing cover. Not all are created equal! Budget Direct have some information on the costs of pet ownership, and iSelect offer some pet insurance comparisons. Check what you are actually getting cover for, some policies will only cover your pet in the first year of a chronic disease, and you will not be covered after that. If your pet has already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or condition, then this may increase the cost of your premiums. 


The other option to pet insurance, is your pet having their own bank account. This should be an account that you aren’t able to visualise easily. This will avoid the money in it getting spent on other purchases. 


Whichever option, pets do cost us money. And it is up to us as adults and owners to have money allocated for this. 

Avoiding Big Vet Bills

We are often asked how to ensure vet bills are manageable. Every single time prevention is better on the wallets. 

Weight management not only means your pet will be eating less, so your food bills will be less, but it’s less pressure on their organs and joints. Cleaning their ears after they get wet prevents yeast infections that are common here in Mackay. Keeping their teeth clean will reduce the need for dental extractions, and will not contribute to infections elsewhere in the body, see “Dental Health”. Necessary injections against potentially expensive disease such as heartworm and Parvo. Pet insurance for when the unexpected does happen. Utilising big online brands for some products that we can’t source at a better price for you. Online pharmacies are an addition into the modern online world and they are here to stay. There are many that are reputable that we use, and some that are not. Do your due diligence to make sure that the medication is legitimate before purchasing. Just ask us about this at your next visit. 


Dog Training in Mackay

Just like children, pets need an education. Just because you had one child and sent them to school, does not mean that child number two didn’t need schooling! Your pets are the same. 

Getting training advice from people who really know what they are doing will 1) save you time,  2) save you money, 3) save you stress and 4) save your furniture! The team that we recommend are Elle and Sam at Mackay K9 Training

Your New Puppy!

Congratulations on the new family member!! We hope they are bringing beautiful chaos to your home!! Getting a new puppy is a huge commitment, and ensuring that they get the right first start in life is a big responsibility. There are many resources out there, this is a good guide that we thought deserved a share from Scratch Pet Food Company. 

The requirements of every puppy is dependent on their breed, personality, and purpose. PLEASE RESEARCH specific breed traits before you get a dog. If you have mobility issues, getting a working breed like a Kelpie will likely be a DISASTER… Promise, we have seen this all before!!! They then end up being re-homed within the first year of their life, but without appropriate training. 

Crate training is recommended as soon as your puppy comes home. Read more about it here

Pet Diets

Food Choices for Your Pet

Choosing which foods to feed your beloved dog or cat looks complicated… Everyone has a different ideas, and the more you hear the more confused you can be. Sound familiar?! As humans we are told regularly what we should and shouldn’t eat, with frequently changing opinions!

Albert Park Vets and Pet Food Industry Association Australia write about which the different foods on the market and which is best for your pet. 

Also an amazing website that reviews the pet food on the market is Pet Food Reviews Australia.  We would recommend that you take a look. 

Fun and Games

Toys, Toys, Toys

There are endless different toys on the market… We are not sure that it is possible for a trip to Kmart without taking a pet toy, or two! As vets who have removed countless toys out of pet’s abdomens, we would caution you on matching your dog with an appropriate toy. 

Kong are a reputable company who provided us with support when we needed new toys for our pets. We would recommend them from personal experience. 

Your Vet

Vet Appointment Difficulties

Why is it getting harder to be seen by a vet? This is a great article on the challenges of our industry, and why you may be struggling more and more to get into see your vet. Post COVID there has been a shortage of workers globally, the vet industry included. 

Vets have a high empathy score meaning that the people selected to vet school actually care possibly too much… your pet is not excluded from this list! When your pet gets sick vets want to make them better. Challenges occur when there are staff shortages, owner finances don’t allow the care that the vet would like it to receive (called “moral injury“), too much empathy and dealing with elevated owner emotions when their pet is sick. If all of these emotions are not processed appropriately, the outcome for the individual veterinarian may not be good. 

All you really need to know… be kind to people, you don’t know what they are going through. PLEASE don’t tell a vet that they DON’T care… I can promise you they do. And assume that everyone in the world is trying their best. Even if they aren’t 😉 

What Do You Want To Know More About?

We are excited to educate and empower pet parents in our passion…pets. 

Let us know what you really want to know more about here. 

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