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Through the Digitail app. 

You can find it in either the App Store on Apple, or Google Play on Androids. 

Send us an email with your request and we will contact you within one business day. 

We only offer Monday – Friday appointments.

We are either with a patient, or driving to the next patient. There is only the vet and nurse managing the day, we do not have a receptionist. Being a preventative and non urgent care clinic, please email us and we will reply within one business day if you have a question. 

Contact your clinic. Ask them to email your pets notes to

Yes. We can’t enter a home to examine a pet without your presence. 


Puppies in a litter can have their 1st vaccine at 6 weeks old. Their second Parvo virus vaccine is at 10 weeks and 1 day old. 

Kittens are vaccinated from 6 weeks old. They need their last vaccine after 16 weeks old. 

Puppies are wormed every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age until 14 weeks. They are then wormed monthly until 6 months, then every three months thereafter. 

Kittens are wormed every 2 weeks of age until 12 weeks, then every three months thereafter. 

These recommendations are if ONLY a wormer is given e.g. drontal or milbemax. Other products have different dosing schedules. 

We offer a palliative care assessment if you are not sure if it’s that time. Then when it’s time to say goodbye we will come to your house for a peaceful euthanasia. Some owners prefer to leave the room, others want to stay. A catheter will be placed in their leg so that you may cuddle them in their last moments. If you want cremation to be performed, Mackay Pet Cremations offer a caring after life service for your pet. Please check their website before booking. 

House call (2+ pets) and then leave a note outlining how many puppies / kittens and what vaccines you require. Please obtain a breeder identification number (BIN) online before the appointment if you are having puppies microchipped otherwise we are not able to offer this service.

We alternate between north and south of the river Monday to Friday. Glenella is north of the river, so when booking your appointment ensure it is on a day we are servicing the north. Please see the app on your phone or desktop for details. Our Facebook page will also have these details. 

We are unable to offer an emergency service. Please contact a bricks and mortar clinic near you. Better Pet Vets in Andergrove can be contacted on 4955 6000. All of your pet’s records are in the app if needed. 

If as an adult they will be larger than 20kg, the current recommendation is to wait until 12 months old.  Please discuss this with your vet as it also depends on their breed and individual health. 

We know that the standards of care at Better Pet Vets are high. 

A mobile vet fee includes the travel and visit fee. Our “consultation” cost is therefore more than attending a bricks and mortar clinic. Our  service is to provide convenient veterinary care to the Mackay community who find getting into the traditional veterinary clinic challenging. 

Absolutely. When booking please let us know how many pets so we can ensure we have enough time allocated. 

We are able to refer your pet to any veterinary clinic in Mackay depending on your preferences. We can still provide all post hospitalisation care for your convenience. 

Health Advice

If you are a client of Mackay Mobile Vets and we have seen your pet within the last 6 months, please email us your request and what your pet does during the fireworks. We will reach out within one business day. 

Bravecto / NexGard / Simparica AND Seresto tick collar. 

Google what a tick looks like. Place a large dollop of vaseline or similar onto the tick to encourage it to fall off. Remove after 5-10 minutes by twisting with a tick remover if you have one. Any signs of wobbly legs or altered bark/meow or breathing, please call your local emergency clinic such as Better Pet Vets on 4955 6000.

Bad breath is due to bacteria (or recently consumed smelly food!). They may have dental disease. Book for the vet to check

There are many any reasons. If it does not improve once a suitable flea product has been used, or with a gentle shampoo such as Aloveen, book a vet consultation. 

Yes, by law we have to see your animal within 6 months to dispense medication. 

Hide in ham / chicken / cheese / butter / chicken heart / mince ball. Check with the vet if the tablet can be crushed. 

Only specific ear cleaner. Home remedies only cause more problems living in the tropics. Book an appointment if ear cleaner doesn’t improve it. 

Wash their mouth out for 5 minutes with a damp towel or a pump water bottle from one side to the other side. If their condition worsens in any way such as trembling or seizuring, call the emergency vet. One clinic in Mackay is Better Pet Vets on 4955 6000. If they are stable then they can act drunk until the next day. 

There are many products on the market. These products we recommend. 

Bravecto dog / Simparica / NexGard for dogs 

Bravecto cat / Advocate (fleas) for cats

Cats exhibit this unusual behaviour often due to a change in their environment that they are concerned about. Book an appointment with us to perform a health check, check for other underlying health conditions that may be causing this, and may a plan to improve the situation. 

If they appear healthy then an annual check up is recommended. If they have a chronic illness, we recommend more regular check ups. 

Scientific studies recommend desexing large breed dogs (>20kg as an adult) after 12 months of age. Desexing female dogs before their first season reduces their risk of breast cancer. Otherwise any age after 12 weeks is ok. 


No, we are unable to offer our service at prices that allow for carrying payment debt. Our service is tailored to preventative care that can be scheduled when finances allow. Please request an estimate to plan this.

All payments are required at the time of the appointment, unless by prior arrangement. 

The deposit booking fee is deducted from your total bill at the time of the consultation. The deposit will be refunded if you need to cancel your appointment beyond 48 hours of the appointment time. It will not be refunded within 48 hours of the appointment time but that deposit can be used to book your next appointment.

Preventative care! See our page on “Your Pet”.


Get their microchip number. Then go to and follow the links. 

Put a picture on Mackay Pets Lost and Found Facebook page. Take it to a veterinary clinic to scan for a microchip.

Absolutely yes. We actually prefer that also. It means that they are familiar with your pets health and your concerns. Our vet’s schedules are available in our app.

In a secure room where they can’t hide. Finding your pet will reduce the time we have to examine them and ensure your concerns are met. 

Ask your vet to email your pet’s records to If your pet requires hospitalisation and you are happy to use that clinic, ask them to keep your file active. 

Yes. Either give us your insurance form at the time of your consultation, or email it to us at with your insurance details and what you are claiming for. 

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