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Fit to Fly Certificate

If your dog or cat is flying within Australia, they are likely to need a “fit to fly certificate”. 

What is a fit to fly certificate?

Airlines want your pet to travel safely, and to do this they require to know that they are healthy before leaving their departure destination. Our qualified vets are able to perform a complete physical examination within the comfort of your home and deem whether they are healthy to travel. Once they have passed the health check, we are able to complete an official “fit to fly certificate” and send it to you digitally, this ensures you will have ease of access to the record for the airline. 

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Qantas Fit to Fly Certificate Rules

Click here to access the Qantas recommendations. 

If your pet is a brachycephalic breed (e.g. Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Bulldog, Pug, Persian cat), they may require additional precations. This is due to anatomical challenges linked to their breeding conformation, which adds risk to travel. 

Virgin Fit to Fly Certificate Rules

Virgin Airlines also offer pet transportation. They have guidelines on their website regarding pet travel and requirements for fit to fly certificates. See here

At the time of writing, this must be performed within a 2 week window of flying. 

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Obtaining Fit to Fly Certificate

A Vet At-Home Fit-to-Fly Certificate from Mackay Mobile Vets verifies that your pet is healthy and fit for air travel. This document, typically required by airlines, ensures your pet meets health and vaccination standards, and is free from infectious diseases. It includes the pet’s identification details, vaccination records, and the veterinarian’s contact information.

Please note that requirements for a fit-to-fly certificate can vary by airline and destination. Be sure to check with both your airline and veterinarian to confirm you have all necessary documentation before traveling with your pet.

Pets are not allowed to be sedated or medicated for anxiety when travelling. Please discuss with your airline in advance of travel, and talk to your vet for individual pet advice.