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Our Mobile Vet Clinic Provides Compassionate, Low Stress Care for Your Beloved Pets in Mackay

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About Us

We understand that taking your pet to a traditional vet clinic can be a stressful experience for both you and your furry family member. That’s why we bring our compassionate mobile vet service directly to you, the pet parents of Mackay, providing a range of essential services in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Vet Services

Offering Routine Veterinary Care for Your Dogs and Cats

Our mobile vet clinic offers a wide range of services to meet all your pet’s healthcare needs, including consultations, health checks, vaccinations, microchipping, puppy vaccines and compassionate end-of-life care. We bring our veterinary experience directly to your Mackay home, ensuring your pet receives the attention and care they deserve in the calm and comfort of your own home.​

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Puppy and Kitten Care

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting time, and our veterinary team is here to support you. Offering thorough health examinations, customized vaccination schedules, and early parasite prevention is all included to ensure your new family member has the best start.

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Our mobile vet service offers experienced veterinary advice regarding any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and wellbeing. We take the time to thoroughly assess your pet’s condition, discuss your observations and concerns, and develop and personalized care plan tailored to their needs. Our consultations are designed to ensure you have all the information you need to ma informed decisions about your pet’s health.

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Senior Pet Care

We believe that looking after our senior pets is exceptionally important, deserving the dignity to age comfortabily and with respect. Being a mobile vet clinic, we are able to assess your senior pet from the comfort of your home, minimising the pain and challenges of transportation. This includes helping you say goodbye to them from home with compassionate end-of-life care.

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Behaviour Consults

Our team are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your pets. This includes their mental health and behaviour consultations are the first step in helping them be more at peace. The range of conditions commonly encountered include anxiety and fear aggression, to destructive behaviours and separation anxiety. We are here to guide and help on all of these issues.

Benefits to You

Convenient and Stress-Free Appointments

Our Mobile Vet Team saves you time and hassle associated with traveling to a clinic. This approach minimizes stress on both you and your pets, making routine veterinary care a more pleasant experience.

Personalised, Collaborative Care

Focusing on the human-animal bond, Mackay Mobile Vets make collaborative plans for your pet with their professional knowledge. Making you feel empowered and involved in your best friends care.

Pet Vet Expertise

Collaboratively, Dr Lisa and Dr Lucinda have 20+ years experience as pet vets. Both are active in ongoing learning to ensure the best and up to date advice for your pets health and happiness.

Mackay Locals

Our mobile team are 3/4's Mackay locals. Dr Lucinda has lived and worked here for 12 years. We have a local expertise in the diseases found in Mackay, ensuring accurate and relevant healthcare for your pet.

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Our Amazing Clients

You and Your Pets are The Reason We Do What We Do

Helping the pet parents of Mackay is why we do what we do. Your pets are our passion, and at Mackay Mobile Vets our entire team is dedicated to helping them live their happiest, healthiest life with you by their side. Check out what our amazing pet parent clients have said about our mobile vet service. We hope to meet some new Mackay pet families soon. 

Hannah Hammond
June 27, 2024

Wish we found you sooner, incredible service and my dogs absolutely loved their vet visit

Fiona Macdonald Cheesman
May 29, 2024

Punctual, so convenient, professional and super friendly. I cannot recommend this service enough.

Matthew Hanson
May 23, 2024

Very helpful and friendly from the first enquiry through to the appointment. Will definitely become our regular vet

Cheryl Martin
May 19, 2024

Excellent service. Great communication. Saved me alot of stress trying to get to a vet clinic. Very friendly,caring. Pricing was great, didn't need a arm & leg to pay for a great service.

Donna Rodwell
May 2, 2024

They were very thorough, explained everything from the medication and how we could help reduce the cats stress around the house. Very friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. Highly recommend

Kerry McKeering
March 20, 2024

The whole experience from booking the first appointment to the vets arriving and attending to my dog was fantastic. The girls are so caring and the whole experience was stress free. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

Elizabeth Burton
March 14, 2024

Having the team come to us made the experience simple and stress free! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and obviously passionate about animals! Will be continuing with this service and would recommend +++ to everyone!!

Patrina Doig
March 11, 2024

Staff are friendly and caring and I love the fact that they come to your home 🥰 no stress or late visits to vet, call out fee is reasonable 😊

Jasmine Williams
March 4, 2024

Needed a check up for my cat and thought this would be much easier on him than driving to a vet. The girls were absolutely lovely, all of my animals loved them and wouldn’t leave them alone. Very informative. My cat had previously been diagnosed with a medical condition and I hadn’t been told much about it at all. It was explained to me at this appointment and a plan was made to see if we could improve my cats symptoms that he still suffers. While my dogs are always happy to jump in the car and go for a drive to the vet, in future I’ll honestly consider using mackay mobile vets as all of my animals received so much more attention than what they receive at a regular vet, and they were clearly much happier. Even my cat spent a good amount of time snuggling up to Lucinda, while my dogs were obsessed with Briony. Definitely recommend, it was so much less stressful on my cat by having him seen at home.

Chris “Porge” Ahern
February 23, 2024

The services Lucinda and her team have provided to my grandma and her cat are second to none. In the comfort of your own home making it much more easier on your pets and not waiting around in waiting rooms. And it is 5 star care with a personal touch. We were not sure if grandmas car would survive let alone be healthy 5 years later. Thank you Lucinda and Team for everything you have done for my Grandma and her cat Charlotte. Even if though she wasn't talking to us after we made her have her nails cut 😂😂😂

G Gomes
February 8, 2024

Dr Lucinda and her team were extremely professional, helpful and supportive when assisting with our dog. Definitely recommend

Jan Davis
February 1, 2024

Fantastic service, Dr Lisa was very good! Very handy especially if you have several animals that just need basic consultation and vaccination.

Lynda Shaw
January 31, 2024

Dr Lucinda and her team are amazing! So friendly, full of helpful advice and an obvious love of their job. They worked with our preferences on medications and ade us feel secure in those decisions. Most importantly, our dog loved them (and all those treats) and was very relaxed while being handled. Highly recommended, we would never go back to clinic visits again!

Jamie Ferguson
January 10, 2024

The staff from Mackay Mobile vets were friendly and helpful, extremely prompt service which we will be using for future care of our dog Lox. Thank You

Jade McAuley
January 4, 2024

Considering what I assume are difficult logistics, was v impressed by the overall process - before, during and after the appointment. Dr Lucinda's immediate knowledge + level of care made me feel super comfortable straight away (wish my cats felt the same lol!) - I felt like she was "on my side" + wanted the best for my senior pets, in the same way I do.

Deidre Schill
November 16, 2023

I heard about MMV on a Facebook thread earlier this year. My long time friend of 15yrs was not well and the thought of bringing her to the vets felt impossible for me. So I looked up MMV and downloaded the app. I put the information required and easily booked our first appointment which was sadly and end of life appointment. When they arrived I was so grateful for their kindness and understanding. It was already a difficult time and I appreciated how well they managed the challenging situation. Since then I’ve booked a further appointment for them to manage the health of my other long time companion and our newest puppy is having her first offical appointment with MMV in a couple of days. This is a whole new experience and one I am so glad to have available to our family and I cannot recommend these wonderful women highly enough.

Belinda Grech
November 16, 2023

We had the most wonderful experience with Mackay Mobile Vets. Dr Lisa was so knowledgeable, kind and patient with our dogs. We trust her implicitly! The Mobile service is amazing and so convenient. I would recommend Mackay Mobile Vets to absolutely everyone. The best Vets in Mackay!!

Catherine Shaw
November 2, 2023

Lisa & Briony visited our little Prince & Princess for their vaccinations & checkups & were wonderful. My fur babies refuse to get in their carriers & get very stressed out so it was such a relief that I saw this service & there was less stress involved because they got to stay in their own environment. 10 out of 10 😻

Sharnie Contor
November 1, 2023

What a Great Service! Punctual, professional and friendly, and were great with our dog and her needs. An absolute blessing being able to come to our home and our dogs comfort zone. Can't recommend highly enough, will definitely use again.

Chezza Hughes
October 30, 2023

I was impressed with the care given to my dog. She is a rescue which usually requires to be muzzled for staff safety, but my dog was at ease with the Vet and her assistant and did not need to muzzled. I recommend Mackay Mobile vets who will come to your home, which alleviates stress on your pet.

Kristie Orchard
October 30, 2023

I have a very anxious dog when it comes to vet appointments and the team were so patient and caring. I will definitely use them again in the future.

alex eggleton
October 25, 2023

The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and on time. Our dog loved them and their treats.

October 23, 2023

Firstly, thank you to the team, you have all been so wonderful! I’d highly recommend Mackay Mobile Vet. Great customer service. Excellent staff. Awesome communication, before and after care. It’s a no-nonsense approach and fees are certainly very reasonable. My dog was not just a number to them, they show genuine care and concern. They have checked in afterwards to see how our dog was going and been very extremely attentive. Give them a try, you will NOT be disappointed in the slightest! 10/10 recommend.

October 17, 2023

Helpful over the phone

Karalyn Huxhagen
September 29, 2023

I am very time poor and while my current vet gives great service taking my cat is to the vet is a gruesome exercise. I will not go in the crate easily, becomes stressed by all of the dogs in the waiting room and by the time we see the vet he is really stressed. Having the mobile vet come to home meant I could keep working from home and they came and tendered to my cat in his environment-far less stressful. They explained the proces sof what they were looking for in my elderly cat and fully informed me of his current health status and how to keep him well. It was a very stressless visit with exceptional service

Tania Moohin
September 14, 2023

We have quite a reactive dog, and were stoked to find Mackay Mobile Vets. They were prompt, efficient, and wonderful with my big dog. We now have a new forever vet!

Melissa Steinberner
August 28, 2023

A mobile Vet is just what Mackay needed, Absolutely amazing service and care by Dr’ Lisa & Lucinda! Easy to book & less stressful on your precious fur babies

Kirsty Bell
August 23, 2023

Our family includes two young Labradors and a Ragdoll cat. Taking these three anywhere means significant preparation, multiple hands, and lots of energy! Having Mackay Mobile Vets visit us at home is a convenient, efficient, and relaxing approach to healthcare for our pets. Mackay Mobile Vets have streamlined the medication regime and vaccination schedule for our three animals; and every consultation has involved a thorough assessment and full explanation of treatment options to help us make informed healthcare decisions for our pets. Mackay Mobile Vets really understand our priority for giving our pets a safe, healthy and fulfilling life; we love how the team approach our pets as though they are the most important animals in the world! We feel so fortunate to have such high quality, expert advice, and compassionate care for our pets, all delivered in our own home!

Leah Burey
August 20, 2023

The girls were very punctual, friendly and were great with our 10 dogs. A very handy service when you have a lot of dogs due for checkups and vaccinations.

Georgia Poultney
August 18, 2023

Organized and communicative. Will definitely use again. Lots of treats were given to both my dogs who were very happy with that even if they didn't love the nail clipping!

Sharon Ahlberg
August 10, 2023

I was very impressed with our recent visit from Mackay Mobile Vets..the ladies were very professional, friendly and had great advice for treating my 20 yr old cat!! I will definitely be using them again as it was so much less stressful for my cat to be treated at home!! Thank you Lisa and Bri..

Elisha Rogers
August 6, 2023

Dr Lucinda & Briony were an absolute dream team, where possible, they did background work into our dogs history with their former vet which helped so so much to know what was needed. They were full of love & care for our fur babies just like we would treat them. And it’s honestly such a nicer experience having them come to the house, having the fur babies in their usual environment made for less stress than carting them to a clinical vet environment. Very, very happy with the service & recommendations provided by the team. Thank you so much!!!

Arbrey Graves
August 4, 2023

We had Lisa and Briony come out to visit our dog Zara to give her yearly vaccinations and health check. They were both amazing with her and was much more comfortable doing it all at home. Would definitely recommended Mackay Mobile Vets.

Leanne Smethurst
June 14, 2023

Had these guys do my pups second vaccinations. Very happy with the service - professional and friendly and loves dogs. Certainly recommend them

Kirsty Wicks
June 11, 2023

There's no need to consider anyone else. I have moved interstate and still regularly rely on the advice of Dr Lucinda & Dr Lisa for my pets. Their knowledge, their drive to challenge standards of care in the veterinary industry and their commitment to their professional growth is unmatched.

Sonya o'mara
June 9, 2023
Lisa Smith
June 2, 2023

Dr Lucinda and Dr Lisa, thank you so much for having the foresight and initiative in providing this much needed veterinary service for Mackay. I have a very old lady cat by the name of Frangipani. She will be 21 years old in September, that's 100 in cat years. I used to dread taking her to her vet appointments as the car ride and strange environment used to upset her so much. Now she gets a special home visit from Dr Lucinda and her lovely vet nurse! This is so much better for Frangipani as she can stay in her home environment and so reduces the stress to her and her Mum and Dad. Dr Lucinda is just the best vet I have ever met! I can not describe the difference it made to have absolute confidence in my vet and also a vet that listens, especially when you have a pet with chronic medical conditions. Really importantly, when the time comes to say goodbye to my old girl, it gives me great comfort knowing that this can be done in a calm and dignified way in her own environment. Can't thank Dr Lucinda & Dr Lisa enough for this wonderful service.

Sharie Moreton
April 13, 2023

Dr Lisa was an absolute pleasure to deal with, she treated my little girl like her own. We are so thankful to have found Mackay mobile vets. I can highly recommend their service and the ease of having them visit in home with little children was such a blessing. Thank you for making our vet trip so much easier!

Scott Tolman
April 1, 2023

I've never been a person to right reviews etc, but in this situation I couldn't leave our experience with Mackay Mobile Vets un-documented! We originally reached out to Mackay Mobile Vets because our 17 year old lady (Marnie/dog) was immobile and going into a car would stress her out. We decided to call on Mackay Mobile Vets after seeing one of their vans on the road. Lucinda was the Vet who called out to us and her assistant/nurse Briony. Straight away they showed care and compassion. In all visits I never felt rushed because they needed to get to another visit. They spent time talking and addressing all my concerns. After the first visit I received a follow-up text to see how Marnie was going. I was completely shocked! Never had I ever in all the years of pet care received a follow-up text & so very appreciative. As the days to weeks passed I felt comfortable to text Lucinda if anything change with Marnie's health and she was always very helpful to advise me. I/we had a few more visits until unfortunately one evening Marnie took a turn and we needed to organise with the local vet her final appointment. Lucinda helped me before hand in what steps to take if this was to happen after hours. From now on , all our animals will be visited (when needed) by Mackay Mobile Vets. A lot of animals get stressed at the vets & having someone come to their home (safe place) is only the start of having these amazing people visit your fur family! Mobile Vet Angels! Thank you.

Leanne Warman
February 27, 2023

So appreciate the ladies coming out to see to my chihuahua, chester who had sore bottom. Ladies was really caring and good with chester, appreciate the fact they come out to us to see to our fur baby. Thank you so much. Highly recommend. photo shows happy content chester

Christine Fraser
January 30, 2023

We had Mackay Mobile Vets come out and do the yearly vaccination of our cat and dog, the girls were so friendly and professional. The animals were calm and relaxed being in their own environment. I would highly recommend Mackay Mobile Vets.

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